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Webinar Catalog

Assessing and Promoting Students' Clinical Performance with Kathie Lasater and Ann Nielsen View Now

How often have you second-guessed yourself when assessing a student’s clinical performance? Are you confident in your ability to provide appropriate feedback and assistance for students who are not developing at the expected rate? Assessment and documentation strategies, tools to promote

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During this presentation, the characteristics of today's nursing students will be reviewed. The theory and practice supporting the use of audience response systems will be presented as a foundation for supporting implementation of the audience response system (ARS) in class. Participants will

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Building Curriculum with a QSEN Framework with Ruth Hobson and Virginia Wangerin View Now

Curriculum development is a process that allows faculty opportunity to influence and own their curriculum. The webinar presenters will share the process used to develop a new curriculum from the mission statement through implementation and evaluation. Using Quality and Safety for Nurses (QSEN) in

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Efficient and effective evaluation of clinical practice presents challenges to novice and experienced nurse educators alike. Clinical practice of students is assessed with formative and summative criteria. This webinar will explore formative evaluation of students using a variety of strategies to

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Evaluating clinical performance presents challenges to novice and experienced nurse educators alike. Clinical practice of students is assessed with formative and summative criteria. This webinar will explore summative assessment of students using a variety of strategies to ensure objective and

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Concept-Based Curriculum from the Ground Up, Part 1 with Amy Hall, Susan Hendricks and L. Jane Rosati View Now

This webinar will introduce participants to the rationale for use of conceptual teaching and learning, and will discuss the motivation for the movement toward a concept-based curriculum in nursing that is happening around the country. Participants will consider how to identify key concepts for the

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Concept-Based Curriculum from the Ground Up, Part 2 with Amy Hall, Susan Hendricks and L. Jane Rosati View Now

This webinar will build participant’s understanding of teaching in a concept-based curriculum, including innovative strategies for bringing conceptual learning into the clinical environment. Participants will discuss active learning techniques that are suited for conceptual teaching and learning.

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Using conceptual learning is crucial to successful implementation of the concept-based curriculum. The paradigm shift for faculty and students is significant and can be a challenge. Creating effective learning and assessment activities is as important as the curriculum revision. Creating activities

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This webinar will enable learners to examine strategies that effectively link classroom concepts to clinical learning and vice-versa. Closing the gap between classroom and clinical, theory and practice, will result in higher-level thinking and improved student outcomes. Current issues creating a

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Creating Engaging and Meaningful Online Discussion with Cheryl Parker and Teresa Stephens View Now

The nurse faculty role has quickly expanded to include online learning, either fully online or in hybrid delivery. As the body of knowledge has expanded, it has become increasingly important that faculty become execute best practices that provide quality educational experiences while engaging

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Debriefing in Simulation: The "Nuts and Bolts" with Michelle Aebersold and Jane Paige View Now

This webinar delves into the “nuts and bolts” of debriefing and feedback methods to assist faculty in selecting the most appropriate debriefing method matched to the purpose of the simulation experience. Participants will be able to compare and contrast debriefing methods, identify common

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Directors and Chairs: Leadership Strategies for Survival with Jessie Colin and Amy Pettigrew View Now

Many nursing program administrators enter the role without the broad skill set needed to be successful. This webinar will provide common sense approaches to dealing with issues encountered in nursing education administration when dealing with students, faculty, staff and college administrators.

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eBooks: From Quality and Safety to Time Management with Tim Bristol Live: Nov 20, 2018 @ 1:00 pm CT

Using eBooks can help improve the learning experience for all involved. For many students, they will gain skills to better manage lifelong learning and to contribute professionally in the information age. For others, using eBooks will help with affordability and portability. This webinar will

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Grading Papers and Care Plans-Fast and Effective Feedback with Michael Hutton and Virginia Wangerin View Now

Grading essays, papers and care plans is an important skill for all faculty to master. Many of us are overwhelmed with workload, yet realize how crucial our comments can be to students. Faculty can provide quality feedback in a timely fashion that allows students to continually improve their

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Competency-based education models provide a framework for faculty and students to better assess and measure attainment of course and program competencies. Utilizing the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties toolkit on competency based evaluation and the Nurse Practitioner Core

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Item Analysis Made Easy with Tim Bristol and Karin Sherrill View Now

Making decisions about test items after giving an exam can get emotional. One could follow the numbers, listen to the learners, or both in order to make the best decisions. We'll discuss the importance of applying both content validity and item analysis to make decisions that are fair to everyone.

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Data suggest that mental health providers are underutilized by men when compared to women. Additionally, men of ethnically diverse backgrounds are less likely then Caucasian men to seek out mental health resources. Join us in a discussion about this growing problem and how to implement effective

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Mentoring Adjuncts and New Clinical Faculty for Student Success with Darlene Del Prato and Kathie Lasater View Now

Adjunct and new clinical faculty often come to nursing education as expert practitioners with a strong value for student learning. Because of their clinical expertise, full-time administrators and faculty may assume they are fully prepared to teach. It is critical that adjunct and new clinical

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NCLEX® Across the Curriculum, Part 1 with Tim Bristol View Now

Adult learning necessitates that we help students understand why they are learning the concepts and content we offer. The NCLEX® is very relevant to the undergraduate pre-licensure nursing student as they know that this test is the gateway to their future. For this reason, faculty can capitalize

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NCLEX® Across the Curriculum, Part 2 with Tim Bristol View Now

As we continue to explore the NCLEX® Test Plan, emphasis will be placed on Psychosocial Integrity and Physiological Integrity to include Basic Care and Pharmacology. Teaching students to prioritize nursing care throughout the patient care experience will be a key theme as we consider these client

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This webinar will address the health of nurses in the United States. The speaker will discuss the interventions used in her research. She will also discuss implications for health care administrators and nurses to positively affect the health of those whose lives we touch, including our families,

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Opioid Addictions: Facts, Fiction, and Nurse Bias with Lisa Fite and Susan Hendricks View Now

In this engaging webinar, participants will learn about the scope of the opioid epidemic in the US, and will examine factors that led to the current crisis. Participants will acclimate to definitions necessary to opioid addiction work, and examine how societal and their own attitudes may impact

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Simulation - Grading and Remediation with Karin Sherrill View Now

Simulation has advanced from a simple learning tool to an effective way of performing detailed evaluations. Using simulation for grading and remediation is the perfect way to move your program to the next level of clinical expertise with specific student (and program) outcome measures.

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Test Item Writing: The Easy Way! with Karin Sherrill and Virginia Wangerin View Now

Do you cringe when you have to write test items? How do you construct questions that evaluate critical nursing knowledge and skills? This webinar will provide practical, usable information to get you started on test item writing. Discover shortcuts that will take the pain away and will allow you to

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Test Policies and Blueprints: A Formula for Success with Tim Bristol and Virginia Wangerin View Now

What are the current, teacher-developed, testing practices in the United States? This webinar will compare current practices to best practices and describe how testing policies are the first step to process improvement. Strategies for developing a test blueprint using measurable, pre-determined

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The Clinical QSEN Connection: Where the Rubber Meets the Road with Tim Bristol, Mary Dolansky and JoAnn Mulready-Shick View Now

Teaching clinical is an essential opportunity for nursing faculty to bring professional competencies to life. Using the Quality & Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) competencies ensures that the nursing student will better understand their role in bringing all the pieces of the healthcare puzzle

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Tips for the Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Faculty with Jose Alejandro and Teri Murray View Now

Despite recent efforts, there is a lack of significant progress in increasing the number of faculty from diverse and underrepresented minority backgrounds in nursing education. Strategies are needed to increase diversity in the nursing academic community. This presentation will provide practical

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Writing for publication is essential to share your innovations with other nurse educators and build your career as a scholar. Join us in this webinar to learn the basics of writing for publication in nursing. We will discuss the steps in preparing a manuscript, beginning with how to select an

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