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Webinar Catalog

Concept-Based Curriculum from the Ground Up, Part 1 with Amy Hall, Susan Hendricks and L. Jane Rosati View Now

This webinar will introduce participants to the rationale for use of conceptual teaching and learning, and will discuss the motivation for the movement toward a concept-based curriculum in nursing that is happening around the country. Participants will consider how to identify key concepts for the

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Concept-Based Curriculum from the Ground Up, Part 2 with Amy Hall, Susan Hendricks and L. Jane Rosati View Now

This webinar will build participant’s understanding of teaching in a concept-based curriculum, including innovative strategies for bringing conceptual learning into the clinical environment. Participants will discuss active learning techniques that are suited for conceptual teaching and learning.

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Using conceptual learning is crucial to successful implementation of the concept-based curriculum. The paradigm shift for faculty and students is significant and can be a challenge. Creating effective learning and assessment activities is as important as the curriculum revision. Creating activities

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Creating Engaging and Meaningful Online Discussion with Cheryl Parker and Teresa Stephens View Now

The nurse faculty role has quickly expanded to include online learning, either fully online or in hybrid delivery. As the body of knowledge has expanded, it has become increasingly important that faculty become execute best practices that provide quality educational experiences while engaging

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eBooks across the Curriculum with Tim Bristol View Now

Using eBooks can help improve the learning experience for all involved. For many students, they will gain skills to better manage lifelong learning and to contribute professionally in the information age. For others, using eBooks will help with affordability and portability. This webinar will

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Grading Papers and Care Plans-Fast and Effective Feedback with Michael Hutton and Virginia Wangerin View Now

Grading essays, papers and care plans is an important skill for all faculty to master. Many of us are overwhelmed with workload, yet realize how crucial our comments can be to students. Faculty can provide quality feedback in a timely fashion that allows students to continually improve their

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In this fast-paced, high-energy webinar, best practices for online teaching and learning will be presented, framed by Chickering and Gamson's "Seven Principles of Good Teaching". The presenter will share specific, adaptable and engaging teaching strategies that can be applied to almost any course.

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Competency-based education models provide a framework for faculty and students to better assess and measure attainment of course and program competencies. Utilizing the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties toolkit on competency based evaluation and the Nurse Practitioner Core

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Interactive Testing Technologies with Tim Bristol View Now

Whether you use paper or online exams, this webinar is for you. From NCLEX® to the weekly quiz, technology in testing can help prepare students and assess for higher order thinking. We will explore low-tech and high-tech options to help engage students and prepare them for high stakes exams. We

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NCLEX® Across the Curriculum, Part 1 with Tim Bristol View Now

Adult learning necessitates that we help students understand why they are learning the concepts and content we offer. The NCLEX® is very relevant to the undergraduate pre-licensure nursing student as they know that this test is the gateway to their future. For this reason, faculty can capitalize

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NCLEX® Across the Curriculum, Part 2 with Tim Bristol View Now

As we continue to explore the NCLEX® Test Plan, emphasis will be placed on Psychosocial Integrity and Physiological Integrity to include Basic Care and Pharmacology. Teaching students to prioritize nursing care throughout the patient care experience will be a key theme as we consider these client

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NCLEX® Update with Tim Bristol View Now

Clinical judgment requires practice in realistic learning environments from the beginning of nursing school. Using the NCLEX® Test Plan as a guide will help faculty infuse clinical judgment into every lecture, lab, and clinical. This seminar will give faculty an easy-to-use approach to accessing

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The Diverse Student: Panel Discussion on Success with Martha Baker, Stanley Harris and Raney Linck View Now

Three experts will share concrete examples that exemplify the evidence base of promoting success for the LGBT student, the ethnically diverse student, and the male student. Discussion will focus on strategies that can be used in the classroom, across the curriculum, and in the student success lab.

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