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Certified Nurse Educator® Prep Course with Diane Billings Live: Mar 20, 2019 @ 9:00 am CT or View Now

This course is designed to prepare nurse educators to take the Certified Nurse Educator® (CNE) examination. The course focuses on the competencies that are necessary for a nurse educator to obtain national recognition through certification. In this course, participants will review the specialized

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Ethics: Nurse Educators Make a Difference with Teresa Newby and Kathleen Turner View Now

The nursing profession is guided by a shared Code of Ethics. Nursing faculty have a responsibility to teach ethical principles and to engage students in learning activities that expose them to ethically challenging situations and the opportunity to explore appropriate responses. This webinar will

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The presenter will discuss nurse educator competencies, the role of the nurse educator in academia, how to balance expectations for teaching, service and scholarship, and how to take the next steps in developing a career as a nurse educator while maintaining a work/life balance. The presenter will

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Legal Issues for Nurse Educators with Anne Brett View Now

What does the law say about nursing education? Why are nurse educators and nursing programs sued? How do I balance all this? Understanding the legal aspects of nursing education can be tricky. This webinar will focus on addressing key legal issues that all nurse educators should understand. From

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Opioid Addictions: Action Steps for Nurses with Lisa Fite and Susan Hendricks View Now

In this webinar, participants will examine action steps for nurses when working with patients who may have opioid abuse or addiction. Effective assessment and collaborative planning strategies are described, along with an overview of interventions. Teaching tips for nurses are featured as a way to

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Opioid Addictions: Facts, Fiction, and Nurse Bias with Lisa Fite and Susan Hendricks View Now

In this engaging webinar, participants will learn about the scope of the opioid epidemic in the US, and will examine factors that led to the current crisis. Participants will acclimate to definitions necessary to opioid addiction work, and examine how societal and their own attitudes may impact

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Sexual Assault: What Every Nurse Should Know with Analena Lunde Live: Feb 06, 2019 @ 2:00 pm CT

Sexual assault includes victims of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and ages. Victims of violence are in a vulnerable state and usually are struggling with internal and external issues related to the unwelcomed stress. Less than half of emergency departments screen victims for sexual

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Flipping the Classroom with Active Learning

Nov 16, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ
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Nuts & Bolts for Nurse Educators 2019

Aug 8-11, 2019 in Minneapolis, MN
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OLN Key Note - Next Generation Learning

Nov 2, 2018 in Columbus, OH
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New Faculty Institute 2018

Oct 26-28, 2018 in Orlando, FL
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NurseTim Haiti Trip, October 2018

Oct 5-14, 2018 in Léogane, Haiti
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