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Documentation of Clinical Deficiency and Failure

featuring Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAADN and Thena Parrott, PhD, RN

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The decision to dismiss a student is never an easy one, especially when that dismissal is based on student performance in a clinical practice-oriented setting, where there exists a certain degree of instructor subjectivity. Thus, students may challenge academic dismissal through grievance procedures and the courts. When public safety is an issue, clinical faculty have the responsibility to dismiss students based on clinical performance. Precedent-setting cases are discussed where the courts uphold higher education faculties’ and grievance committees’ decisions when due process and rights are protected. Suggestions will be given for assurance of student and faculty rights, proper due process/grievance procedure, and documentation.
  • Demonstrate increased knowledge of issues surrounding clinical failure.
  • Identify necessary components of legally defensible documentation of academic and clinical failure.
  • Demonstrate decreased fear and increased confidence in dealing with academic and clinical failures.

Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAADN

Tim_Bristol_PhD_RN_CNE_ANEF_FAADNTim Bristol is a faculty development and curriculum design specialist. He has taught at all levels of nursing to include LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN, and PhD. Developing new programs, innovations in learning, and helping programs internationally, he is an expert in bringing the evidence-base of nursing, healthcare, and education to students and faculty at all levels. Through consultations, writing, and mentoring, Dr. Bristol assists faculty in identifying the competencies needed to effectively enhance programs for optimal student outcomes. He has certification as a nurse educator, is a fellow in the Academy of Nursing Education, and is internationally known for bringing excitement through success to his colleagues and students. His motto: "Today we will learn how to learn."
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Thena Parrott, PhD, RN

Thena_Parrott_PhD_RNDr. Parrott is a long-time nurse educator, who has taught baccalaureate, vocational, and associate degree nursing programs, as well as in staff education. She retired in 2012 as the Division Chair for Allied Health Programs at Blinn College in Bryan, TX, and has continued to teach at both the associate degree and baccalaureate levels. She was educated at Baylor University (1972), Texas Woman’s University (1989), and Texas A&M University (1993). She was primarily a critical-care nurse in her clinical background, but worked in a variety of other clinical settings in hospital and home health. She has presented and published on a variety of topics through the years, and is active in her community on a variety of boards and other organizations. Her areas of research interest have been in cardiovascular nursing, near-death experiences, teaching strategies, nursing history, and substance abuse in nursing.
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