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Essentials of E-learning for Nurse Educators

Bristol, T. & Zerwekh, J. (2011)
Essentials of e-learning for nurse educators. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.
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Evidence-based E-Learning for Nurse Educators

Developed by Tim J. Bristol, PhD, MSN, RN

This manual was made possible by grant number 1 D1DHP06382-01-00 from the Bureau of Health Professions, Health Resources and Services Administration, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. Copyright © 2006. Tim J. Bristol. All rights reserved.

Perceptions of E-learning in Iowa nursing faculty

Bristol, T. (2005).
Perceptions of E-learning in Iowa nursing faculty (dissertation in ProQuest® UMI)

Strategic Plan for E-learning in Iowa

Bristol, T. (2005).
Strategic plan to increase access to health occupations education in Iowa through the use of E-learning. Des Moines, IA: Iowa Department of Public Health.
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Online Learning and the Adult Learner

Bristol, T. (2004).
Online learning and the adult learner. Unpublished paper. NurseTim
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Nursing Faculty Shortage

Bristol, T. (2004).
Nursing faculty shortage: Evaluation and proposed solutions. Unpublished paper. NurseTim
Research indicates that in 2003 the lack of faculty turned away over 4,000 qualified learners (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2003a). Given the increasing age of nursing faculty, this problem will worsen within the next few years. This paper will evaluate and propose solutions that may help alleviate the nursing faculty shortage.


Quarterly Column - E-learning in Nursing Edcuation
Teaching and Learning in Nursing

Development of a Strategic Plan to Increase Access to Health Occupations Education in Iowa

Bristol, T. J. & Gloor, E. M. (2007). Development of a Strategic Plan to Increase Access to Health Occupations Education in Iowa. Nursing Education Perspectives, 28(6), 337-341.

FISH! Philosophy Embraced

Bristol, T. J. & Fischer, P. (2004). CMH department is swimming with the fishes: FISH! philosophy embraced in CMH medical/oncology unit. Nursing Matters, 15(1), 8.
“Despite a very difficult work environment, they have found ways to bring remarkable energy, commitment and creativity to their work.” This quote describes Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle Washington. Wouldn’t this be a great description to have of every...

Health-Web Connection

Bristol, T. J. (2003). The Health-Web Connection: Using the Internet as a nursing tool. Nursing Matters, 14(7), 21.
When I admit patients to the hospital, I assess my patient’s learning preferences. I ask “How do you learn best? Talking, reading, showing, or video?" I wonder if I shouldn’t be asking about a 5th type? Should I ask about...


Bristol, T. J., (2003). Preceptorships. Nursing Matters: Student Edition, 20-23.
Nursing students learn our profession in a variety of formats and venues. Much of the theory and basics of nursing are acquired through class time spent with faculty experts in discussions, lectures, labs, or working on projects. The clinical practice is acquired and enhanced in practice settings such as hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities and home health agencies. Learning the art of clinical practice can be...

Case for Critical Thinking

Bristol, T. J., (2003). Critical thinking important to nursing. Nursing Matters, 14(2), 6-7.
As a nursing student, not only was I leery of Critical Thinking, but I simply did not understand what it was. Unfortunately, I was not alone. Critical Thinking has many definitions that all seem to point in the same direction. YOU! Critical Thinking is DISCOVERING new ideas through using what you...


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