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Sharon Guthrie, PhD, ARNP, CPNP, NCSN, RN-BC

Sharon_Guthrie_PhD_ARNP_CPNP_NCSNDr. Sharon Guthrie is the Director of Graduate Nursing Programs at Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She has been a member of the faculty since 1999 and became full time in 20107. Dr. Guthrie's experiences and leadership in school health nursing led her into policy, regulations, and laws related to health and advocacy for youth health issues. Along with many other school nurses and stakeholders in 2007, Dr. Guthrie helped champion legislation that required every school district in Iowa to hire at least one professional registered nurse (RN) into law. Since 2007, Dr. Guthrie has been involved in numerous legislative efforts related to school nursing and raising awareness that policy, regulation, and laws need input and expertise of nurses. In addition to involvement in the state public policy process, Dr. Guthrie was a member of former Senator Harkin's Nurse Advisory Committee and was one of eight nursing faculty selected by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) to participate in the inaugural AACN Faculty Policy Intensive training.