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NCLEX Resources

NCLEX® Complete

Faculty will partner with the NurseTim team at their campus to provide an individualized, hands-on experience integrating every aspect of the NCLEX® test plan into the curriculum. The consultants will carefully analyze your curriculum and create a detailed plan to enhance and strengthen all areas of learning and assessment. The goal is to provide strategies that can be used in your next lecture, clinical, lab, simulation, and exam. From test-item writing to developing collaborative IQ, this event will be a benefit to faculty at all levels.


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NurseThink® NCLEX® PreView

Students will be challenged to grow in all aspects of nursing through this engaging hands-on event. Through an individualized one-, two-, or three-day workshop and ongoing online events and support, your students learn how to learn and strengthen test-taking skills. By helping students prepare more efficiently and develop habits essential to critical thinking and prioritization, they become empowered as they gain success. This program is designed to help students in any semester in the program.


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NCLEX® Webinars

Adult learning necessitates that we help students understand why they are learning the concepts and content we offer. The NCLEX® exam is completely relevant to the undergraduate pre-licensure nursing student, as they know that this test is the gateway to their future. These practical and engaging webinars will give you tools that can be implemented today. Teaching students to prioritize nursing care throughout the patient care experience will be a key theme as we consider these client needs.


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Test-Item Writing Cards

The NurseThink® for Nurse Educators test-item writing cards are designed to help you quickly access the current best practices in test/exam development. These cards will walk you through the basics of test blueprints, some quick do's and don'ts of exam development, "stem starters" for both the NCLEX® client needs and the nursing process, and finally, pointers for item analysis. Each deck of cards include 65 tips on glossy cards (for use with your dry-erase marker) and a convenient clip ring.


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Lab Coat Notes for Clinical

When teaching clinical, it is vital that each student be challenged in the area of clinical reasoning and judgment. Given the high acuity and fevered pace of most clinical environments, it is often difficult for preceptors and faculty to ensure each student is engaged at that level. The NurseThink® for Nurse Educators Lab Coat Notes for Teaching Clinical give every faculty member the ability to do just that. But it doesn’t stop there.


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