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Lab Coat Notes for Teaching Clinical


NurseThink® for Nurse Educators
Lab Coat Notes for Teaching Clinical

When teaching clinical, it is vital that each student be challenged in clinical reasoning and judgment. Given the high acuity and fevered pace of most clinical environments, it is often difficult for preceptors and faculty to ensure each student is engaged at that level. The NurseThink® for Nurse Educators Lab Coat Notes for Teaching Clinical give every faculty member the ability to do just that. But it doesn’t stop there. Each activity is mapped to the NCLEX® Client Needs, the QSEN Competencies, and the nursing process.

These cards are for faculty who want to improve their student's ability to think critically in lab, simulation, and clinical. These cards are uniquely geared to help with quick and effective clinical application that can be used in any patient situation - 41 cards, 2-sided, with hole and ring for binding. Download sample now.

If you purchase 15 or more, you will receive a bulk discount of 30% off each deck.

ISBN 10: 0-9987347-1-2
ISBN 13: 978-0-9987347-1-2

Price: $37.00 each

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